Rough Grinding Wheels

Our Rough Grinding Wheels are for the fast removal of material when rough grinding profile knives. Our Grinding Wheels used with our Grinding Coolants help keep the tool steel cool while removing material. 

CBN, CDX & Diamond Wheels

We offer a wide range of grit sizes and concentrations in our Super Abrasive  Wheels. These Wheels are used for High Speed Steel, Inlay Carbide and Carbide.

Grinding Coolant

Our Grinding Coolant comes in two formulas, one for Grinding High Steel and one for Grinding High Speed Steel and Carbide knives.

Grinding Tracing Pins

Tracing Pins Available in 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm and 6mm sizes

Deburring Stones and Diamond Hones

Slip Stones for deburring knives and Hones for removing small hairline nicks.

Support Parts

We supply many of the items used in everyday  grinding operations.